Arithmetic Basic Mathematics




Dogar’ Unique Books have become a symbol of success which is an honour for us. “Dogar’s Unique Arithmetic with Basic Mathematics  is an excellent addition to our countless books already available in the market. I am thankful to Allah Almighty, Who provided me the opportunity to present such a matchless book. This book is written according to the new syllabus and pattern approved for the various competitive examinations held in Pakistan.

This book is unique as it covers almost all the topics of the subject in few pages. The study material has been arranged in Question-Answer form. Brief introductions and definitions of the important terms are also included to enhance the value of this book. It has been written in the light of suggestions and proposals of a number of educationists, psychologists and subject experts.

It is confidently hoped that this book will prove to be highly useful and beneficial for the students. After reading the study material and solving the objective type questions, the students will acquire a lot of confidence and will be able to solve the question paper easily in the examination. This book covers the whole syllabus. It’s study material is unique in matter and style.

If this book, like our other educational and general books, will also be able to guide the readers to achieve their ambition, we shall have the satisfaction that our work and labour have been well-rewarded. However suggestions for the improvement of the book (including printing errors, if any) will be gratefully welcomed and incorporated in the subsequent editions of the book. (Thanks).


Shahid Mahmood Dogar
Chief Executive/Managing Editor
Dogar Publishers /  Dogar’s Unique Books


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