FPSC Model Papers-2020 (65th Edition) with Explanatory Answers


Dogar Publishers is a pioneer of publishing books for the competitive exams. This book entitled “Dogar’s Unique FPSC Original Model Papers” is an outcome of untiring efforts of the Dogar publishers Editorial Board. It is unique with its contents and style on account of the following characteristics:-

  • 100% sure success guaranteed in all kinds of 1-Paper MCQs written examination.
  • Exclusive selection of FPSC Original Papers.
  • Updated and revised latest editions are published rapidly and repeatedly.
  • We don’t claim this book to be the best but you, the reader, will decide.
  • Maximum Explanatory Answers are given wherever it is required.
  • Mathematics is a subject that requires more attention, so, explanatory answers are given up to six steps to make this book more students friendly.
  • English verbal ability is dealt in special pattern to make it easy and understandable for both the average and the intelligent students.
  • MCQs of IQ tests and intelligence tests are made easy with logical explanatory answers.
  • A selection of vast variety of rare, old and new original papers.
  • Foot-notes are an additional quality along with other characteristics of this book.
  • Job/post-wise and department-wise arrangement of papers has been set in this book for your convenience.
  • Latest syllabus and paper pattern of FPSC is observed while editing and compiling this book.
  • Special instructions are given to solve the MCQs papers.
  • Special stress on General Ability and IQ tests.
  • Replete with latest national and international current affairs.
  • A complete guide for all the thirsty learners.

The world has become a global village. We are living in an age of computer and latest technologies. Therefore, latest current affairs knowledge is essential for all kinds of examinations. Our best-selling “Dogar’s Unique Who is Who” is thoroughly revised and updated in the light of rapidly geo-political changes and latest current affairs. You can find each and every information including General Knowledge, Pakistan Affairs, Islamic Studies, Geography, Sports, Games, Basic Mathematics, Abbreviations, English Current Affairs and famous personalities. It is the one and the only one latest and updated book in Pakistan.



Dogar Publishers is a Pioneer of Publishing Books for the Competitive Exams.

Salient Features of Dogar’s Unique FPSC Model Papers

  • This book is based on previous Original FPSC Papers.
  • Original statement of MCQs from original FPSC Papers are included.
  • Explanatory answers is an added quality of this book.
  • Latest Current Affairs & Pakistan Affairs 2020-21 enhances the worth of this book.
  • Usually the examiner asks questions from the Pakistan History & Movement. Therefore, this portion is given a special space.
  • This book is equally beneficial for all the departments and testing services.
  • Successful candidates (who have got positions) have also contributed a lot in the preparation of this book.
  • This book is published under the supervision of Dogar Publishers Editorial Board. Universities / Colleges, Senior Professors, Educationists, Psychologists, Paper-setters, Examiners and retired Public Service Commissions members are regularly consulted while the compilation of this book.
  • It is a unique collection of previous original papers.
  • Special instruction are given to solve the MCQs
  • This book provides complete familiarity with the format of FPSC Papers.
  • Completely revised and updated edition.
  • A beautiful blend of original & model papers
  • Department & post wise distribution of the study material
  • Special focus on General Ability / IQ Tests MCQs
  • According to the latest syllabus and patter of FPSC
  • Unique, matchless and superb combination of previous model papers’ MCQs.



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