New Spoken English (Mini Edition)




By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Revised and Enlarged Edition of “New Spoken English” has been published. Thanks Allah Who enabled me to present such a Unique Book. It aspires to satisfy the ever increasing demand of English Learners. This book will prove (Insha-Allah) an excellent addition to the countless books already available in the market.
This is the most comprehensive book that contains no extra material. This book is written according to the basic needs of English Learners. Simple, clear and lucid language is used in the book. This book also weeds out unnecessary matter that bothers the mind of a English Learner. This book covers almost all the topics of language learning and is unique in matter and style.
I am grateful to the honourable teachers of English language who have used and approved this book to their students. I am also thankful to the worthy teachers and educationists for their help, guidance, valuable criticism and sincere proposals. This book has been revised and enlarged in the light of suggestions received from the teachers, educationists and students. It is confidently hoped that this book will go a long way to satisfy the requirements of the English Learners.
All the credit goes to the publisher who enabled me to compile this book. I take this opportunity to extend my warmest thanks to Mr. Shahid Mahmood Dogar, the Chief Executive, Dogar Publishers, who took keen interest in the publishing of this book. But for his help, encouragement and guidance, I could do nothing. Last but not least, fair criticism, valuable suggestions and sincere proposals for further improvement of the book will be gratefully welcomed.
Go ahead and study this book with complete devotion and confidence. You will really find a miracle change in your English speaking and learning skills.


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