PMA Long Course (Graduate Course)


Information about Pakistan Army, Selection Procedure, Syllabus, On-Line Written Tests & Fully Solved On-Line Papers
Instructions for Solving Paper
Selection Criteria
On-Line New Examination Pattern
On-Line Syllabus
Fully Solved On-Line Papers
Selection Procedure … Who Can Apply?
Information About Pakistan Army
Intelligence Tests
Intelligence and Intelligence Test
Instructions For Solving Verbal Intelligence Tests
Instructions For Solving Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests
Verbal Intelligence Tests
Analogy Tests
Classification (Odd Man Out)
Word Formation Test
Order in Chaos Jumbled Spellings
Sequence Test
Common Sense Test
Comparison of Ranking Test
Blood Relation Test
Problem of Age
Direction Sense Test
Problems Based on Number System
Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests
Academic Tests – (MCQs)
English – MCQs
Pakistan Studies – MCQs
Islamic Studies – MCQs
General Knowledge – MCQs
Basic Mathematics – MCQs

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Why to Join Army?

Allah Almighty, with His greatest blessings, has spread, all over, a variety of ways and means to earn the livelihood for human beings, and man remains in search of one which suits him the most. This search, on its completion is called adoption of a profession. Choice of profession is a vital task in human life. It is said, “Happy is the man whose hobby becomes his profession.”
However, every profession does not limit itself into the boundaries of earning livelihood only, rather few cross over these boundaries or borders. Among such professions, the most sacred one is being a soldier in Pakistan Army. This profession invites/welcomes those who dare and desire to perform beyond the call of duty. Pakistan Army provides a platform to those who want to test their metal of loving adventure and thrill in real life. This is a profession that is an ultimate path to success and gives way to reach the highest pedestal, which one may dream or work for. Above all, Pakistan Army, not only makes you understand but injects into the hearts and minds ‘the real and actual meanings of patriotism and nationalism’.
In addition to above, one thing, very important to understand, for every Pakistani, is the definition of sovereignty, which in simple words is, ‘over a piece of landscape is the nation’s ability to stand guard over it and to prevent trespass.’ The nation understands it, whereas, a soldier of Pakistan Army is the only physical symbol of national sovereignty. To achieve the honour of becoming this symbol and to have such an onerous position…… JOIN PAK ARMY.
Chief Executive/Managing Editor
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